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Band Festival: 2022

What a night. What an incredibly successful night that showcased our students and our local talent. Words cannot express the gratitude this organization and I have for all of our volunteers who put in countless hours to make this festival a success. Thank you to our festival chairs and committees who put our students first. Thank you to our executive board for all of their hard work. Thank you to our three middle schools and their directors for pushing their 8th grade students to attend and participate in the festival. Thank you to our staff who always go above and beyond to ensure our students have the best experience they can get.

Lastly, thank YOU students for all that you've done this season. From the start of band camp, this group has shown an unprecedented resiliency. I am so proud of each of you, and I am so humbled and lucky to be your band director. Saturday night is something that I don't think I'll ever forget. With that being said, we're just getting started. The show continues to evolve and take on new ideas. I'm so thankful to be a part of it with you. Enjoy your successes, but let's continue to look forward to see what our next chapter brings.

The force will be with you, always...

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